Scott and Zelda have invited us for cocktails. She doesn’t cook but she makes a wonderful cocktail. ‘But what about dinner? Silly we’re in Paris. Who needs dinner when we’re in Paris! I hate to remind you but the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Such a gloomy name for a day. Maybe a cocktail will be in order. I know how much you like to celebrate in the stores. I have lost my appetite. Oh darling, it’s not so bad. We fell in love in the jewelry department of Le Bon Marche. That ring was absolutely. Absolutely ridiculous (so big) and ravishing at the same time. Or maybe it was just you. Do you still have it? I do and I’ll wear it the day after Thanksgiving. Cause for celebrations! Ah! online shopping and a cocktail. (She thinks the Holidays should be celebrated every day) ‘Tis the season to sparkle in Amoro’s Eternity Cut Diamonds Click here: Diamonds are forever