According to Amoro President and CEO Steve Crane, “The wedding ring is the most important ring ever. It will be worn more than any other ring, so it is important to invest in a diamond wedding ring that delights today and forever more.” Diamond wedding rings come in a myriad of styles and prices and the buying path usually goes two ways. The Optimum path is when a bride knows the style of her dreams and money is not the issue and that’s the ring for her. More often though the buying path a bride knows the style of her dreams but she has a limited a budget necessitating her finding the style she likes most in the price she can afford. “Make it Perfect but make the Price Perfect too.” Now Amoro has introduced its customization service that allows a bride to create her dream wedding band without sacrificing her perfect style but by exploring how she can find her prefect ring in her perfect price by choosing different options. • Choose a precious metal from 14Kt or 18Kt Gold or Platinum • Choose the number and size of the diamonds • Choose the grade of diamonds best for her budget • Choose from Full Eternity, 1/2 or 3/4 Eternity band versions Then let Amoro craft the ring from scratch using environmentally and socially responsible precious metals and diamonds to the perfect style and size. To source your next piece of jewelry visit or call 1-877-772-6676.