While many segments of the marketplace have lost value recently, for example, the stock market, 401k plans, and even real estate, Diamonds have held onto their value and continue to increase in value over time. In my book, this makes the Diamond a good investment. Several reasons for the stability of this most precious stone are as follows: • They are protected from changes in the market because they are not regulated by the bank and therefore bank bankruptcy, market collapse and changes in currency have no effect on their value. • Since they are traded worldwide, Diamonds aren’t dependent on one economy’s ups and downs and their value remains steady. • Diamonds require very little maintenance and you don’t have to continually pay taxes on them. This cuts down on your investment costs. • Formed over millions of years, diamonds are unalterable. You don’t have to worry about them wearing out. They will last more than a lifetime. • Diamonds are a discreet investment since it is not required to be registered in any way. • Widely known as a sign of prestige, Diamonds are one investment the affluent like to wear as a symbol their status and wealth. This helps to keep the Diamond as a secure investment. These are all excellent reasons why Diamonds are a good investment, however, when it comes down to it, the most popular reason why people purchase a Diamond or Diamond jewelery is that it is such a pleasure to wear. Diamonds instill in us such strong emotions of beauty, passion and love. This is why they are so widely used in engagement rings and other romantic jewelery. They hold such magic and mystery and for centuries we have held Diamonds in such high regards. The real magnificence of these rare gemstones is that anyone has the ability to own them. It’s not just for the celebrities and the wealthy. We can all enjoy the power and elegance of a brilliant, sparkling Diamond. Not many other types of investments can offer you that kind of enjoyment.