If you were born during the month of April, you are lucky enough to have the Diamond as your birthstone. No other gemstone has so much folklore and history behind it. From the great leaders who adorned themselves to the famous kings who were buried with these dazzling stones . Diamonds were regarded as a symbol of status, just as they are today. The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas” meaning “invincible” or “extreme hardness”. This may be one of the reasons this particular gemstone is used for engagement rings as well as wedding sets in present day. The Diamond is the perfect representation of strong and everlasting love that never loses its potency. Diamonds were also considered by the ancient Greeks to hold magical powers. They believed they were actually splinters of stars fallen to earth or perhaps tears of the gods falling from the heavens. For those born in April, it is said that the Diamond birthstone has even more special powers. The precious stone is supposed to strengthen their body as well as their soul and helps to bring out their best qualities. Of all the myths surrounding the Diamond, my personal favorite is the one about Cupid’s Arrow and how the tip was made of Diamonds. In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection and love. In today’s culture, Cupid is often depicted with his bow and arrow spreading romance and love to couples all over. Maybe this is how the Diamond became known as the most romantic gemstone. Interesting fact, did you know that Diamonds come in almost every color of the rainbow including white, browns and grays? Of course the most common Diamond worn today comes in all shades of yellow followed by the colorless Diamond. No matter what your preference, they are all alluring and elegant in their own way. Amoro.com Offers This Stunning Diamond Encrusted Palm Tree So if it’s your month to “shine” or you just love the way Diamonds make you feel, try adding some extra sparkle to your life. Not only will you enjoy it’s lasting beauty, you might get the added benefits of clarity, balance and abundance the Diamond brings!