I need to buy her something very special. Something no one else will have. Do you have any suggestions? We do. (Amoro’s Personal Shoppers always have great suggestions) What about exploring exclusive, only one in the world diamond gifts? Only one in the world. Yes. We have eight unique gifts left and each the only one of its kind in the world. In the universe. What makes the jewelry so unique? The jewelry features Pristine Hearts Diamonds. It is the only diamond with a heart inside. That does sound rather intriguing. But how do they get the heart inside? It’s a special process featuring 15 special facets cut into each stone to display a perfect heart shape and is the world’s only patented, asymmetrically cut round diamond. Look through the Amoro Diamond Scope. Perfect for heart gazing. It is included with your Pristine Hearts Diamond. Oh I do see the heart in the center. Brilliant! It’s so very romantic. I think she’ll like that very much. Which one would you like? I’ll take them all! Tis the season to sparkle: 8 One-of-a-Kind Pristine Hearts Diamond Gifts featuring the only diamond with a heart inside. Call Amoro: 1.877.772.6676 for your free personal shopper . Amoro features: FREE Shipping (both ways) FREE Luxury Gift Packaging FREE Godiva gift (for new purchases $500 or more through December 31, 2011) Compare the Amoro value. Amoro wants to be your jeweler and your trusted source for exclusive fine jewelry, for all of life’s celebrations.