What is Romance? That really depends on who you ask. For some, it’s spending quality time with a loved one, on a picnic or a candlelit dinner. Others like doing nice things for the objects of their affection like helping them around the house or taking care of them when they’re sick. Still other people define romance with grand gestures like exotic vacations or even marriage proposals. Here at Amoro, we define romance with our exceptional collection of fine jewelery. Even our name is the combination of the Latin words for love and gold, so our jewelery has to be extra amorous. With so many thoughtful details like our famous heart-shaped prongs that hold precious stones and the extra diamond “kiss” set into the side of most Amoro rings, our pieces stand above the rest to be considered the World’s Most Romantic Jewelery. To quote Amoro’s founder, Stephen Crane “All Amoro fine jewelery should evoke the experience, the joy, and the celebration of a romantic event, creating precious memories that will endure for a lifetime”. Not only have we succeeded with our amazing craftsmanship and designs, we have done it at a price that is affordable and with the same quality and fine details that you would find with famous name jewelery. With our gorgeous selection of Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary jewelery and precious gemstone collections, there is something for every romantic moment in your life. The best part is Amoro can help you bring that romance to every stage of your relationship. Just ask our clients who continue to return to Amoro for their most romantic occasions due to an uncompromisable commitment to ‘Quality, Service and Value’. When you need that extra-special gift for the person you just can’t live without, there’s only one place to go. Celebrate the next special moment in your life with Amoro, the World’s Most Romantic Jewelery. Reminder ~ Right now you can ENTER TO WIN the World’s Most Romantic Diamond at Amoro.com. This is the ONLY special Diamond cut in the World faceted to display a visible heart inside each gemstone. Indeed the one, truly romantic Diamond to express your true love.