A recent article in the Tolucan Times focused on the cure for breast cancer and the philosophy behind Amoro Fine Jewelry’s CEO Stephen Crane and his part to raise awareness: Everyone has known someone with breast cancer and Amoro Fine Jewelry CEO Stephen Crane is no exception. “I have had breast cancer plague family members and it probably affects everybody. It’s a personal thing for me.” With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming to a close we can’t forget that every day is important in the fight against cancer. Amoro has been working with “Feel your Boobies” a non-profit organization that campaigns to remind young women to examine their breasts. Amoro donates $20 from each sale of the limited edition “Hope Bracelet” And it doesn’t stop there. Amoro is also donating $10 from each Hope Bracelet sold to the Young Survival Coalition. The philosophy of Amoro Fine Jewelry is one of optimism for the excitement and romance each day brings. Stephen Crane passionately believes in celebrating life’s moments: “I feel that the jewelry industry is concentrating on the important events in people’s lives (in addition to engagements and anniversaries, also birthdays and graduations), rather than the frivolous. Amoro wants every day to be a celebration. Life is to be filled with hope and Amoro. http://tolucantimes.info/section/inside-this-issue/amoro-saving-breasts-with-bling/