“Is there anything this Lucky Girl can’t do?” What do you mean? “When Jacqui Naylor got married she couldn’t just have the band play a Frank Sinatra classic, she had to write her own song” Her own song! “Well their song: ‘You’re My Favorite Person” Thanks. “Well you are my favorite person but that’s the name of her love song. What’s more Martha Stewart. . . THE Martha Stewart pronounced her song ‘Celebrate Early and Often’ a modern wedding classic. And the ring she had so envisioned and designed herself- she commissioned to Amoro Jewelry to create. And it is gorgeous. 18kt white gold with round brilliant sparkling diamonds. I do love, love, love it” It sounds like you really do like it. “Yes I love it and that’s not all. Jacqui Naylor continues to write more wonderful love songs. You know I’m a hopeless romantic. And now with a soon-to-be-released LP entitled “Lucky Girl” and because of her ongoing appreciation of Amoro Fine Jewelry and her beautiful ring (every time she admires the ring she’s reminded of her ongoing appreciation of Amoro) you can download 2 new tracks not available anywhere else but Amoro Fine Jewelry. I can’t stop humming the songs.” After listening to the downloads, I’d love to see Jacqui Naylor Live. “To learn more about Jacqui and her unique blend of jazz infused folk- rock alternative music visit jacquinaylor.com for all the latest news, discography and tour dates. I’m sure she’d love to see you, too. Don’t forget to tell her Amoro sent you” “You know, I want to be a ‘Lucky Girl’ You are a lucky girl, with stars in your eyes. “I prefer Diamonds” The Jacqui Naylor inspired ring is now available for purchase exclusively through Amoro.com.