Fine jewelry is prized not only because of its inherent beauty, but also because of the meaning and sentiment that is conveyed in each piece. Take 3 stone engagement rings, for example. On the surface, this kind of ring can be admired for its brilliant gemstones and its white or yellow gold setting alone. But on a deeper level, the stones represent the couple’s past, present, and future together, thus making the ring more significant as a symbol of eternal love. This past, present, and future motif also makes 3 stone engagement rings perfect for giving as anniversary rings. After all, anniversaries are a time to celebrate the past, embrace the present, and look forward to future happiness with your partner by your side. What better way to renew your commitment than with a gorgeous new ring that shows how much she means to you? If you’re searching for a truly special gift to mark another year together, or a precious Valentines gift check out the beautiful selection of anniversary rings we carry at To make shopping even easier for you, our collection can be filtered into categories based on the main gemstone so you can quickly find the style you want. Current choices include: • Diamonds. Diamonds were traditionally given as a 60th anniversary gift, but the rules have changed considerably in modern times. Now diamond anniversary rings are acceptable for the 10th year, 30th year, 60th year, or any time you feel like making her smile. • Sapphires. We have many 3 stone engagement rings featuring brilliant blue sapphires surrounded by diamond accents and set into white or yellow gold. When you want to take her breath away, go with sapphire anniversary rings. • Emeralds. Emeralds represent hope and rebirth, two sentiments that are naturally associated with wedding anniversaries. Show her that you hope for a long, fulfilling future together by presenting her with an emerald ring on the big day. For your next anniversary, or this Valentine’s Day tell her just how much he means to you without even saying a word. Let one of Amoro’s stunning 3 stone engagement rings do all the talking for you instead as you celebrate your enduring love with elegant jewelry.