As the most vital and versatile portion of any wardrobe, jewelry plays an important role in an overall look. That is why just as the clothing trends change, so too do the trends of jewelry pieces. This year, the Spring 2015 line is intentionally designed to inspire travel and adventure, with pieces that cast a call to all things aquatic.

Adventure in jewelry wearing means exploration and challenging the normal look, use, and wear of traditional pieces. This year, look for chokers paired with long chain necklaces, just as you’d layer your tops, your jewelry can also add depth by layering styles and lengths. The always-innovative team at Valentino has designed pieces that beckon us to the water, from beautiful seashell rings, to bracelets that look like coral. With a new trend of fashion and function blending, the jewelry trends for 2015 will also include several pieces that incorporate technology such as watches with bold, wide, bands that double as a stylish arm piece. And although the smallest detail worn, earrings can sometimes be all the jewelry you need. Trends this year will pair earrings instead of matching them, a solid colored piece in one ear and a jeweled piece in the other. For those with multiple holes, a smart mix of earring looks is just another creative example of the 2015 jewelry looks.