What’s more exciting than planning your wedding? Why, choosing the design for your engagement ring, of course. This year, engagement ring trends have not failed to disappoint, as jewelry designers have made available timeless rings that will not only look beautiful forever, but that are designed with bride in mind. Two of this year’s hottest wedding ring trends include a change in direction and an ode to mother nature.

For some women, a simple band is just their style, for others, they prefer a band with lots of stones. A great alternative to those two styles is a floral accented band. Accompanying a beautiful center stone, engagement rings this year are designed with light, feminine touches, from vines and buds to flowers and petals. The intricacy of the detailed floral work is a beautiful way to express beauty, style, and a love for flowers and nature.

For years, engagement rings have been laid out and designed in the traditional vertical style, where the stone laid from hand to fingertip. But this season, ring designers have turned the tables 90 degrees. With east to west settings, engagement rings in 2015 oval, marquise, and emerald cut rings take on a next level of brilliance. This horizontal layout also makes your center stone look larger when worn.